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Runtime Usage

Deploy Assemblies tab

Browse or enter the full path to where your DevExpress DLLs are located, and click the "Find Assemblies" button. This will load a grid containing the name, path, size and version of the DevExpress DLLs you have installed.

Select one or more assemblies to be deployed, and then enter one or more target server names into the "Deployment Machines" grid.

Click on the "Deploy and Install Selected Assemblies" button to begin deployment. A dialog window will appear that updates the progress as your DLLs are copied to each network machine and then installed into that machine's Global Assembly Cache. You may either close this dialog window when the deployment operation is completed, or save the results to a log file.

You may right-click on a machine name in the Deployment Machines grid to open a Remote Desktop connection to it.

Manage GAC tab

Enter the name of a machine on the local network and click "Load Machine GAC" to retrieve a list of all the .NET assemblies registered to that machine's global assembly cache.

View Dependencies tab

Drop a .NET .dll or .exe file to build a list of assembly dependencies. This can be helpful to learn what dlls need to be deployed when you use certain DevExpress products.

Building and Running the Source Code

The current version of this application was created using version11.1.7.0 of the DevExpress XtraGrid, XtraEditors and XtraLayout libraries. If you are using a later version of these products, simply run the DevExpress Project Converter tool on this solution to upgrade it.

I cannot make any claims as to compatibility for users with a version of the above products older than You may attempt to run the project converter on the solution to downgrade, but this has not been tested and is not supported.

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